Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New JSTOR Arts & Sciences Added to the Library

The Library has added JSTOR Arts & Sci­ence XIII and Arts & Sci­ence XIV to its col­lec­tions. At this time, 208 new titles have been added to the library catalog and are also accessible through Journal Titles on the library website. As with all of the JSTOR archive collections, these collections have an embargo (moving wall), which excludes the most recent (3-5) years of contents from the journals they contain.

JSTOR XIII expands its international set of journals in core humanities fields with emphases in Language & Literature, Philosophy, and Religion.  Represented subdisciplines include European church history and the literature of the American West. 

JSTOR XIV focuses on the study of culture and communication, specifically Archaeology and Anthropology, Language and Literature, Political Science, Asian Studies, Sociology, Education, and Communication Studies.

For a complete title list of these collections, please follow the links –