Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Brothers in Hope--Book Review

The Stewart Memorial Library is the heart of Coe College. Here at the library our staff is committed to ensuring your needs are met in a quick and appropriate manner. We accommodate majors of all sorts. For example, if you are majoring in elementary education a book you may use in helping to construct a lesson plan would be Brothers In Hope by Mary Williams . This book is about a young boy in Sudan who fled from his village, and later found other boys who had done the same. Together, the boys face numerous hardships and dangers along the way to finding a new home. Through mutual support and faith in each other, the boys were able to find a new home. The book is located in the Browsing Area on the first floor of the library. The call # is Youth Picture PZ7 W66699 Br 2005.
If you are unsure about books pertaining to your major, then don't hesitate to come by and ask, we’ll be waiting just for you! Nathan B.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Time Away

These last couple of semesters I have spent less time in the library, and more time over in Dows keeping up with art projects, as well as in Eby and the Racquet Center for track. But now every time that I am here things look different and even new. As I walk from computer to printer I see these paintings that I must have seen a hundred times and stop to re-examine them. While I am putting books back on shelves one catches my eye and I open it to see what it’s about, and catch myself reading it later that night. I have worked here for 3 and a half semesters, and am realizing how awesome it is to see all the new faces come in and ask questions, the stillness of the 11pm to 1 am shift, and excitement of finding a book that I will read(not just for class). I remember just starting this work study job thinking that this could be an awful job, but now I barely think of it as a job at all, I come to Stewart Memorial Library because I work here, but I stay because I just don’t want to leave. Gordon R.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bones of Paris--Book Review

The Stewart Memorial Library has much to offer to people with all types of interests. For example, if someone is just looking for something to read for leisure and have an interest in suspenseful fiction and like France, and more specifically Paris, they may be interested in The Bones of Paris by Laurie King. This book involves a little bit of history, especially about the lives of those famous writers and artists that made up the infamous Jazz Age of the 1920's. In this book you will be following an investigator from the United States who was hired by an American family from Boston who's daughter moved to Paris to pursue her dreams of being an actor/model, but then suddenly lost all contact with her family who began to worry. The investigator, Harris Struyvesant, was more than happy to take the job and have the opportunity to walk the streets of Paris and sit in all the wonderful cafes and bars. He saw this as more of a vacation because he felt that he would find the young woman in the arms of some up and coming artist, which happens to many. But as his search continues it takes a turn he wasn't expecting because now the trail leads him in search of a....murderer.

If this book sounds interesting to you then don't hesitate to come check it out, it'll be waiting just for you! It is located in the Browsing Area on the first floor of the library. The call # is PS3561 I4813 B66 2013.

If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask, anyone from the Circulation or Reference desk would more than willing to assist you! Rachel S.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Library FAQs

Working in the library, I get many questions on the rules and general knowledge of the library. Why is it so loud in the library? You aren’t allowed to eat in there are you? Do they have any books that I could check out to read just for fun? These are some questions I get asked frequently. So why not write them all down and answer them for the masses?
In regards to the first—and most frequently discussed—question, it may be your location. The library has four floors, and there is an unspoken rule that the farther up you go the quieter you should be. So if you would like some silence, third floor is the place for you. If you have a project to work on with others try the basement, or a study room on second floor. As far as eating in the library goes, go for it. People have gone as far as to order a pizza, and have it delivered to the library. If you ever need to just spend the day in the library and crack out some hard core studying, don’t be shy bring as much or as little food and beverage as you desire.
For the last question there are indeed many different books that you can check out just for fun. We have the Whipple section right on the main floor, which is full of books that are popular now. It’s always worth a look. We also have young adult, and children book sections in the basement. You can find Harry Potter, Divergent, or even Dr. Seuss. Brittany B.