Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Native American Heritage Month Book Display

Red Bird Sings
Q. L. Pearce & Gina Capaldi

In honor of Native American Heritage month, Stewart Memorial Library has created a display to showcase some of the wonderful works about, or written by those of Native American decent. Stories both new and old, fictional and non, are out for your viewing pleasure on the main floor and the basement level of the library. 

One of these incredible works, Red Bird Sings written by Q. L. Pearce and illustrated by Gina Capaldi. This captivating picture book tells the tale of Zitkala-Ša, a poet (whose work you can also check out at our display), activist, and musician who is trying to find a way to speak her mind in a world ruled by oppressors. The reader travels with Zitkala-Ša as she grows, learns, and discovers her voice and potential in the world. Her drive to do more for herself, while also standing up for her people is what makes this piece so incredibly moving. And if her bravery and poise wasn’t enough, then the artistic illustrations just might do you in. 

Give yourself a break from all the cramming, writing, and stress of classes to come enjoy the tale of Zitkala-Ša and so many other Native Americans. All books are available for check out on the main floor. Don’t miss out!

-Review by library student worker Samantha Jankowski