Friday, August 26, 2016

Database Updates!

With the new school year here, we wanted to give all Kohawks a brief introduction to some changes in our database list. Find these on our home page under "All Databases"

Check out Birds of North America whether you're an aspiring ornithologist or just simply interested in topics about birds. BNA has some great resources like videos, charts, audio clips, and images to help you get familiar with the friendly fowl around us. 
Check out this male Gunnison sage grouse try to attract females with an interesting dance!

Find Birds of North America here or on our website.

We've got a handy resource from ProQuest that can assist you with starting assignments. It's called Research Companion, and it's compiled into a friendly interface that provides videos, tables, and blurbs about different topics, how to evaluate sources, citation, and more. 

Few videos are longer than a couple of minutes, so you'll be on your way to a great assignment in no time!

Landing page for Research Companion

Find Research Companion here or on our website

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  1. on main page, "All Databases" button clicks to: "Down for Repair"
    "Databases A-Z" clicks to "Error 404, file not found"

    possible that these will be working soon?